Tarot Readings: What Can I Ask the Cards?

I am still working out a system for how I am going to do readings, but here is some information that you need to know:

It is good to have an actual question to ask the Tarot, or a focus for the cards. Many questions focus on love, career and money, and choices that a person is trying to make (often about love or money). There are many ways to ask a good question. There are also many ways to ask a poor question, one that will not give you a clear answer or that will not reveal enough information.

I tend to stay away from yes/no questions such as "Should I marry that girl?" or "Should I take the job in another city?" These don't really give you any information. Instead, try asking things like, "What will my relationship be like if I marry ______(that girl)?" or "What can I expect if I move to _______(another city) to take that job?" These readings will give you much more information and also provide clues of things to look for (synchronicity).

When asking more open-ended questions, the cards can reveal information that you may not have even thought to ask about. For example, a friend of mine wanted to know if he should take a job in Seattle. When we asked what would happen if he did, his career looked great. However, the problems of transportation and declining familial relationships were revealed. At that point he had to make a decision: was his career important enough to sacrifice extra time commuting and working, resulting in marital strife? Only the Querent can make that decision. The Cards just provide some extra knowledge to think about.

If you have a decision to make, instead of asking, "Should I choose A or should I choose B?" it is better to ask, "What will happen if I choose A and what will happen if I choose B?" Given that none of our futures are set in stone as we are constantly writing our stories, you may choose to ask, "What is most likely to happen if I choose A and what is most likely to happen if I choose B?" These differences are subtle, but can have an impact on the reading. Plus, how you ask a question helps me understand a little bit about you.

If there are no particular issues you want to know about at the moment, I can always do a general Celtic Cross Spread. These will often reveal some information, though without a focus it can be a little more difficult to get to the matter at hand. In that case I may give you multiple possible meanings and encourage you to choose what feels most true to you.

So send me your question. If I ask it a different way I will let you know in the reading. My e-mail address is amethystmahoneyblogs(at)gmail(dot)com. If you ask for a reading I would appreciate it if you follow my blog. Right now I am doing free readings, but I have charged (and taken donations) in the past.

Tarot is an adventure - let's go explore!
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