Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dangers in Misreading the Cards

The main thing I want anyone to get from this blog is that Tarot can be used and enjoyed every day. It doesn't have to be for special occasions, for birthdays, or for parties - though those are all perfect times, too! I like to draw a card or 3 every day, and I know many people who do. Occasionally, though, I have a specific question about my day that I'd like to get some inside information on.

For example, I have been working at a new job for the past month. Usually when I have a job I am offered some type of extra responsibility or promotion within the first two weeks. My husband says this is unrealistic, but it's happened every single place I have ever worked. I have always indicated that my interest in taking on more responsibility, but never applied to anything, and I've just been offered something.

At my new job, however, I DID apply for a promotion about 2 or 3 weeks in. Even though I was recommended by the front-end manager, the store manager denied it. Also during the same week, 2 other people in different departments asked for me to be cross-trained and promoted into their areas. Denied and denied. So I got pretty upset and told my husband I would look for a job where the boss would appreciate me. That afternoon I got a phone call from a friend about a job in my field (I just graduated with a Masters Degree), and I called the potential employer and set up an interview.

So what does all of this have to do with Tarot? (Bear with me, I'm getting to it, I promise.) Normally on the day of an interview I will do a 3-card spread about positive points to stress, possible pitfalls, and potential things I may need to know about the relationship between the interviewer and me (maybe I should call this my PPP spread!).

On the day of this particular interview, however, I did not feel the need for a long explanation and only asked the cards how my day would go.

I drew 10 - Wheel of Fortune from Tarot of the Magical Forest (English and Spanish Edition). Wow! I was already on Cloud 9, and know I am well-prepared and well-qualified for the job, but drawing this card was just really a confidence booster.

First of all, this is a Major Arcana card, indicating major life issues. Starting a career in my new field is definitely a life issue for me. I was a therapist (psychology) for over a decade and honestly never felt right in that position. So I took several years off from working, thought about what I wanted to do, and went back to school to get a Masters Degree in the field that would allow me to get a job exactly like the one I interviewed for.

Some meanings for the Wheel of Fortune card include entering a lucky period of your life, great things are happening for you, and there will be positive changes coming soon. To me, this card is like shaking your Magic 8 ball and getting "All signs point to YES."

The interview, in fact, could not have gone better. I could answer every question and asked a couple of questions that impressed the interviewer. I also was trained during an internship by someone the interviewer had trained nearly a decade ago. He gave me a tour and said it would be about a month before the process was over and they could officially hire anyone. He also sent me an e-mail later in the day and encouraged me to keep in touch.

There is no doubt that because of all of this and the card I drew that I felt like saying, "Forget my current job - they don't appreciate me, and I'm going to get this new job anyway. I should just go in today and give them my notice." Well, hold on there! Did the card REALLY say that? I have known people to do a reading for themselves and make pretty drastic changes in their lives, suddenly quitting jobs or making major moves without really planning anything. While that is all well and good, sometimes it's best to put the brakes on and ride things out for a little while.

My decision was to go to work and continue to do a good job. There is NO WAY I want to start slacking. At the very least, that would just put bad energy out, and I don't want that, especially if the potential employer contacts my current one. Tarot is not set in stone. It can show us what path we are currently on and where we are headed, but any decision we make can change everything.

Later that day, the store manager came to me and offered me a promotion (not one of the three positions I talked about earlier).

Um, yeah...what??? So now the dilemma: was the Wheel of Fortune talking about the new job, or was it an indication of things getting better in my current position? Remember, I did not specifically ask about the interview for the job I was applying for (see my post What Can I Ask the Cards?). I only asked how things were going. Will I end up having to choose between the two jobs?

The major danger for reading for yourself is misreading the cards. It is so easy to read into everything and try to make the cards say what you want them to say, rather than let them give you gentle guidance. I could do another spread and ask for some clarification; however, my desire for the new job is so strong that I believe it will bleed into the reading and I will get no further clarification. At this point, even having someone else read the cards for me would probably lead to an inconclusive outcome. Readers can pick up on people's energy and it can sometimes influence the cards as well.

So what do I do?

I wait a month to see what happens. All I know is that things are looking up. How or what will it lead to? I don't know. Does it really matter? No - it's an exciting time in my life, and I'm very happy. I will continue to work towards my goals and whatever happens will happen. Right now I am taking the new position and running with it.

Of course, I'm open if the other guy calls.

Happy Readings!
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  1. Beautifully put ... we can so often read what we want to hear can't we! It's a guide and a prompt, we still retain responsibility for our actions.

  2. LOL...this is so true! I know whenever I get a reading I'm always looking for the answers I want, which is definitely not the best way to go about it! ;)