Friday, July 8, 2011

Witchy Tarot 3-Card Spread

I thought I would start doing some deck reviews and also use different decks for my readings, since I have several. Some people have a "Deck of the Month," but that just sounds like too much of a commitment to me. I'm going to aim for a Deck of the Week, mostly, but still fall back on my favorites when I feel like it. Of course, if the deck is just completely not working out I may change my mind.

Today's spread is a 3-Card Past/Present/Future using the Witchy Tarot. This deck has gotten a lot of criticism for not being serious enough, being too cute or playful, or just not making sense to a lot of people because they changed the suits and the court cards (more on that in the review). It has also been repeatedly slammed due to the outfits the girls in the cards are wearing. Or, in some cases, lack of outfits. I thought I would give it a try to see what happens - exposed mid-driffs be darned!

The Past - VIII Justice. This is one of those decks that put Justice at 8 and strength at 11. Right now, that point is not so important. Justice is almost always my least favorite card in any deck, or at least very close to it. I've never had any sort of connection with it. (Undoubtedly, I still harbor some "life is unfair" resentments that I must need to work through.) When I turned over this card, however, I didn't even realize it was Justice. I saw the owl, symbolizing wisdom, and the scales, symbolizing balance. While not the traditional meaning of the card, I immediately thought of how I have recently been seeking balance and have been searching for more wisdom and meaning in my life. The whole of my life has been spent in intellectual pursuits, but without true wisdom, intellect just isn't that important. (Yes, it did take me 2 Masters Degrees to figure that out.)

Present - 3 of Flames. Flames are used in this deck instead of wands. They generally denote action. The pamphlet describes this as the "illuminated witch." When looking at this card, my eye was first drawn to the candle flame. The young woman is springing into action. She is letting her light shine.

Incidentally, she is seemingly going to help someone on a toad. (I hope it isn't Deanna, but if it is and she's having trouble with Tarot, I'll be right there). :

Future - the Moon (Knight) of Flames (wands). This card just looks like a lot of fun to me. The pamphlet indicates it is about "energetic and helpful people" and "sincere friends." To me it seems that I may finally be able to find some like-minded people and not worry so much about those who don't like me (or Tarot). I have not had a lot of time in my life to play, and I think sometime soon (like now) it may be high time to relax and learn to hang out with friends. This also brings me back to the first card - maybe what I am really looking for is balance, and what I am missing is fun and friends.

This reading definitely gives me something to think about. I am not overly-distracted by nor concerned with the young nature of the cards (at the moment) or the attire of the young women in the deck. On the other hand, it does make me think I need to go read something by Silver Ravenwolf, haha.
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  1. I think I'm in a "cutesy" mood lately. Next week I'll probably be so over it I'll be reading from the Archeon!