Friday, July 8, 2011

Which Court Card Are You?

I am reading Understanding the Tarot Court (Special Topics in Tarot Series) by Mary K. Greer and Tom Little. I have read most of it before, but it's definitely something that needs to be revisited.

The court cards are some of the most difficult cards to interpret in any Tarot deck. Many times they feature a King atop his throne, brooding down at all the "little people." Or, okay, maybe I'm reading a little too much into that. But seriously, the figures don't really do much. The pages hold a symbol of their suit (pentacle, cup, wand, sword, or other interpretation). The Knights often sit atop horses. What's a Reader to do?

This book definitely comes to the rescue with a variety of exercises and ways to bring out the personalities and characteristics of the court cards. It goes far, far beyond hair color, age, and gender. The first exercise in the book is to choose your own card.

Spread out all 16 court cards. Eliminate all of the ones that don't resonate with you (this should get rid of at least half of them). Are there any that stand out from the ones that are left? If so, that is your card. If not, compare them to at a time until you have chosen your card. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Then comes the harder part, at least for me. Choose your nemesis. Which card from all 16 seems the LEAST like you?

Using a few of the other exercises in the book and the The Gilded Tarot, I have chosen the following:

Who I am Now - The Queen of Cups. This is an emotional person (who also happens to be a woman). What really makes me think this card represents how I feel and where I am at in my life presently are two things: the brightness of the clouds in the background actually looks like lightening to me. I am quick to anger and have a flash-bang temper. The other thing is that she just looks so sad and melancholy. It is almost as if she knows she is stuck, and she wants more out of life, but she isn't quite sure how to progress. The cup she is holding is bitter-sweet. She can continue to choose to drink from it, or she can throw it to the wind.

How will she get to where she wants to be? Enter the Knight of Wands, a card of action and purpose. Though (s)he is sitting serenely on the horse at this second, the Knight could spring into action without hesitation. The Knight has a plan and is willing and ready to execute it.

Who I Want to Become - the Queen of Wands. What a powerful card this is! She is full of life, energy, and wisdom. But she is also in complete control. You won't find any temper-tantrums here or flashes of anguish and anger as with the Queen of Cups. This lady is picture-perfect serenity in every aspect of her life.

Finally, my nemesis. I really often can't stand the Knight of Cups. I imagine he is drunk as anything and screaming, "Woo-Hoo!" as he rears his horse up irresponsibly. He is the original poster child for "Don't drink and drive."

However, compare this to yesterday's Future card, the Moon of Flames from the Witchy Tarot (English and Spanish Edition). My reading stated that I needed to find like-minded friends and spend more time playing and having fun. Maybe it's my perception of alcohol that causes my issues with the Knight? I do drink, but I don't drink to excess and not very often. It's definitely something to explore and think about. How do my issues with drinking (not to mention doing drugs) affect my relationships with others - especially others who do partake in these activities? Am I just a prude? Or do I still let memories of people who took these things to excess bother me? How much of the Knight of Cups do I need to reconcile in my own life?

So break out your deck and discover which card you are, and which one you aren't. The images, and the reasons behind them may surprise you. And definitely check out the book!

And you thought we were just drawing a few cards and 'playing' Tarot.

Happy Readings!
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  1. I love this post. I have been meaning to get to your posts. I find Tarot cards so interesting. I want to be the Queen of Wands.
    I see how the cards can have very powerful meanings personally, as I am not at all bothered by the last card. I welcome more play time and fun in my life. Thanks for sharing your Tarot wisdom. Nancy

  2. I am Knight of Cups! I've always been that Knight. He still has to slay dragons and save damsels during the day but he drinks grog and rides his horse around, too. Sounds like a pretty fun guy!