Friday, July 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Challenge

I've been busy at work and decided to wait to update my blogs until the 2011 Ultimate Blog Challenge started. Today is the day. I'm waiting for my confirmation e-mail and instructions. Can't wait to start blogging again!

You can find the challenge here:

Let's jump into this challenge with "Fool" abandonment. Incidentally, the first card of the Major Arcana is, you guessed it - the Fool! This is a special card in that it is often labeled as the number 0 or not numbered at all. The Fool is often depicted as a young fellow walking along, eyes up to the sky, full of hopes and dreams. He is also walking right towards the edge of a cliff. In many versions there is a dog jumping around at the edge of his feet.

This card represents new beginnings, and new excitement. It is the joy and elation we find in new beginnings, and also the innocence (and sometimes ignorance) we have in new situations. The Fool is a very positive card overall, but it is important to remember to not always keep our eyes to the sky, or our head in the clouds, but to also look where we're going so we don't fall off the cliff!

A fitting beginning for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
See you tomorrow!
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