Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes, I am Doing Readings. No, they are not Free

Today's card is the Ace of Pentacles from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (English and Spanish Edition). It speaks of new beginnings, a new direction, and the beginning of financial gain in this area.

I started doing readings again recently, and I have heard a little bit of grumbling and complaining already about the prices. There are several reasons why I price my readings at the rates that are listed.

First of all, I have been reading and studying Tarot for over 20 years. I have thousands of hours of readings behind me. I have found a couple of decks that truly resonate with me and give me the ability to see things that clients often think I shouldn't "know."

I also have over a decade of experience as a mental health therapist. What I learned from those years was that psychology doesn't help people - people help people. The most important thing is the connection between the people, the support, and if the client trusts the other person. This has been demonstrated in study after study in psychology. So why use a system like psychology that often focuses on negatives when I can use Tarot and help people focus on the positives and move forward in their lives?

I have a Master of Divinity in Comparative Religion. This is a Metaphysical Sciences degree, and I am currently finishing up my Dissertation to get my Doctorate. I also hold a Master of Public Health in Environment, Safety, and Health, but that really doesn't have much to do with Tarot.

The most important thing, though, is that the prices reflect not only my own confidence in my ability to help others, but the value of the service I offer. A person who gets a free reading is less likely to heed the advice, and instead will often search for other free readings. Trust me on this, I did free readings years ago. I was often told, "My other psychic told me this, but I want to know what you see." Frankly, I see you wasting your time. Going from reading to reading and psychic to psychic is not doing anything to help you. The whole point is to take the information you receive, think about it, meditate on it, and, most importantly, ACT on it. If you don't change your actions, your thoughts, or something about your life, then you aren't really doing anything.

Paying for your reading often results in a more serious attitude about the information, more serious discussion about issues and obstacles, and often yields discussion about concrete steps and actions the person may take in order to move towards more positive outcomes in their lives. When people come to me for readings, I care about what is happening in their lives and what they think they need to work on. I care about what happens when they leave (people often send me follow-up information, sometimes months later). I can't make people change their situations, but I can help them see some possibilities for a better tomorrow.

So, no. I'm not going to give free readings anymore, at least not on a regular basis. Sometimes it's fun to just do a fun reading to test things out, but isn't that what promo minutes on a psychic hotline are for?

By the way, if you do want to try a hotline, contact my friend Willow Davis (you'll have to click the "W" to get to her name). She's a great Tarot reader. :)

Happy Readings!
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  1. I am a firm believer that people will value a service more if they pay for it. When you give it away, they treat it like it is not serious. Plus, there must always be an equal exchange of energy. If a reader constantly gives it all away, they become depleted and of no service to anyone.

    You deserve every cent you get, my dear.

  2. I so agree with what you wrote. People sometimes don't value what is given for free. I discovered that when some people objected to pricing, it was so much about their core beliefs around money. I figured I must have some of that going on subconsciously too to be attracting it, so I did some work on it. I get fewer objections. I think though if you start doing it for free and then, charge, people can sometimes find it hard to accept or get used to it. But, value do a great service with great love. Hugs to you.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I definitely value what I do, and I am working on attracting others who will see the value, too.

  4. Hi there,

    I came here after you posted on my blog today and what a perfect card you have pulled just for me (I'm going to believe it was just for me LOL). New beginnings and financial gain! I'm all over that.

  5. PS Own your value! You have a lot to offer with your life experiences and knowledge and intuition. I applaud you for recognizing that when setting your fees!

  6. Thanks, Michele. Okay, we can share the Ace of Pentacles! :)

    Some people think I still set my fees too low, but I'm comfortable where they are. Probably because of all my time spent as a therapist. It makes me sad when I see people charging $5 for a reading that I know took them 20-30 minutes to do. By the time PayPal takes their fees and you file with the IRS, what did you really make??