Thursday, July 14, 2011

XII The Hanged Man

Today's card from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (English and Spanish Edition) is XII The Hanged Man. In many Waite-Smith based decks, the hanged man is shown upside-down, often only tied by one foot. The bonds are very loose, indicating that you may be hanging there voluntarily. If you wanted to get out of your bonds, you definitely could.

This deck depicts two people on the card, one of whom is tied by the arms with his legs free, the other who is tied by the feet with his arms free. There are butterflies fluttering around, symbolizing transformation and change. Is it time for the hanged man to break those bonds and grasp what he is after in life?

This card can come up when you are ready to make sacrifices and change for long-term goals and achievement. It can also indicate that you are ready to let go and let life flow. While you are hanged, you may be stagnant or feel indecisive; however, this won't last for long.

The Hanged Man asks us where in our lives do we feel "hanged?" Is it something we have chosen? Can we get out of it and move on to better things? What steps do we need to take in order to move forward? This card can be a good reminder to take a moment and evaluate where your life is and where you want to go.

For those of you who saw my post yesterday My Life Went into ReRuns, you may notice the similarity between the Hanged Man and 8 of Swords, Reversed. It seems that the Tarot will continue to send me this message. Only now it is doing it from the Major Arcana. (Incidentally, I also drew XIV Temperance again today, only it was reversed. Sigh.)
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