Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Say It Ain't So, Ciro!!

Change is inevitable. I know this. Evolution not only as a species over millennia, but by an individual throughout a lifetime is not only recommended, it is required for life. A few simple cells meet, combine, and start dividing, over and over again. Without this constant change, we would never form and come out to even take our first breaths. One of my favorite sayings is, "A man never steps into the same river twice." Is it because the person has changed or because the river is flowing and is now different?

So when I see big changes coming, I try to embrace them, find the good in them, and love the new evolution for all that it is. Unfortunately, when I checked Ciro Marcetti's website yesterday, I gasped. He is changing my beloved Gilded Tarot!

Sure, it was his first deck published all the way back in 2004. Of course, he's done a couple of other magnificent decks since then. But why, oh why, does he have to go back and mess with the perfection that is the Gilded Tarot? I know some people gave him a hard time and said there wasn't enough symbolism, and blah, blah, blah. But I LOVE these cards. They speak to me in a way that no other deck ever has. I own TWO sets of them (and will probably go out and buy another because even though he says the original will still be published, you never know when the publisher might change thier minds).

Some people say the characters look a little "flat," or two-dimensional. Well, those people can team up with James Cameron, throw on some 3D glasses, and have at it! They don't need to mess with "My" deck!

Yes, evolution is a part of life, and change is good. Or I used to think so. But you will have to drag me kicking and screaming into the Gilded Tarot Royale.

RIP Gilded Tarot
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  1. I hope all of you realize that I am being a little humorous about this. :)

    Please check out Ciro Marcetti's site for all of his amazing work. I'm sure the Royale will be great, too. ;P

  2. Amethyst.. I will be sure not to mess with any of your tarot decks. lol The Gilded ones, aren't they usually left in a cage?

    Just like when you find a great pair of shoes, or a lipstick you love, buy many .. you know they are going to stop making them, so be prepared!

    ( from your photo of them, they look very pretty!)

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

  3. Ame,

    I do agree. I don't see nothing wrong with the first deck. I went over to the site and it doesn't look like he's making huge changes. I do know Ciro wasn't happy with the first set, so if this makes him happy, guess that's a good thing. :) The bad part is this means I might have to add another deck to my purchase list. LOL.

  4. There is something about a artist and perfection I have looked at my own creations be they art , food ,poetry ,photography or whatever and I will often see room for improvement or change. Ciro is a very skilled artist /visionary for him to do this which has now become he draft of a new tarot deck it is for Ciro a test pot therapy to re address his own work and re evaluate it. How many of you adjust recipes for your family is this not also messing with the original creation?