Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Day of Work

Today is my last day at my current job, so I wanted a little Tarot support before I go. I used cards from The Gendron Tarot by Melanie Gendron.

What obstacles will I face today? VII - The Chariot. My husband and I had a long talk last night about this whole situation and what I want to do with my life. He understands that I will never be happy in a "traditional" job and that I need to be in control of my life. Today is the last day at my job, and that means other people are still in control (even down to when I use the restroom and when I can eat or drink). They are also still trying to get me to continue working there, even though I've quit. Twice. My obstacle today is letting others guide my path or influence my decisions. I've got to get out of there.

How can I overcome my obstacles today? 9 of Wands - Stand strong, stand by my decision, and push through the day. In Tarot for a New Generation by Janina Renee', the 9 of Wands says that, "A person who has all of his energies aligned has the strength needed to go up against obstacles."  That's encouraging.

Finally, what is my overall card for the day? 8 of Wands - This card is often seen as the movement or travel card. It can indicate success in moving towards your goals. I need to quit this job in order to create the space to do what I really want to do. I talked about this in my other blog here. The 8 of Wands can also indicate swiftness. I sure do hope my time at work today goes by quickly!

In this particular card, a woman is standing inside a beautifully-decorated room while the wands outside are flying around. There are a lot of things going on at work because I am leaving. Because the managers never hired anyone to take my place, they are scrambling around and blaming me. Luckily, I am safely inside, secure in my own self, watching the turmoil that is taking place all around me. I do not have to be a part of that, nor do I have to take blame for others' mistakes. I cannot let them try to guilt me into staying longer because they did not do their job (there's that obstacle again) because I was responsible in my decision to leave.

It is interesting to note that these cards are 7, 8, and 9, indicating the end of one cycle. Of course, this also means the beginning of a new, and hopefully more exciting, cycle!
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  1. Oh man, Ame, your story is so like mine. I am sooooooooo glad you are leaving. When I didn't leave on my own the Universe had a client attack me and take me out of my old life entirely.
    Very wise decision, for you. there is no way you can ever feel happy or fulfill your purpose working for someone else. That is fine for others You obviously know it is not fine for you. And if you need an further confirmation, in addition to your cards, just contact me.:-)
    You have a great gift. Go tell the world!

  2. Thanks, Ali. Just what I needed to hear - as I pull into the parking lot at work. :P

  3. HI first visit...really nice hoppin always...XOXOXO

  4. Thanks Bongo (is that you? Haha.)

    Glad the cards kept hammering this message home this week. My boss was still asking me to work next week as I was leaving last night. They would have dragged it out for weeks or months if I had let them.