Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's an Actor in my Tarot Deck!

Just as a quick follow up to yesterday's blog,  Say it Ain't So, Ciro:

Cher commented that the author was not happy with his original deck.Well, if he wasn't happy with it, then I completely understand. Everyone should be allowed to change their work to something that makes them happy. :)

I do have one teensy issue with the Gilded Tarot (deck&book) by Marchetti/ Moore , though. Everyone time I see the 4 of Pentacles I start laughing. I just can't help it - it looks like Kevin Spacey! Fortunately, my deck seems to know this, and I very rarely draw this particular card.

Dear Ciro, if you happen to read this and are still taking suggestions for changes: could you make the 4 of Pentacles in the Royale NOT look like Kevin Spacey?? :)

 Happy Readings!
Ciro replied and had the following to say:

I will be changing every face in every card. But not to avoid look alikes, because people see similarities in almost anything. And no doubt will see others with the new versions as well. Its almost impossible to avoid when the illustrative style is realistic as opposed to stylized. I've heard so many comments over the years The Fool looks like George Bush, the Queen of Swords looks like Elizabeth Taylor etc etc. In all cases including the sample above the faces are not and were not modeled on the names mentioned. The person I used as the model for the four of pentacles is a personal friend, any similarity to Kevin Spacey is just that, they may look alike, thats in the eye of the beholder, but thats due to DNA not me :-)

As for the general subject of a new Gilded, I'm really glad that you like the original so much that you're concerned by my messing with it. But bear in mind that this new one will not substitute the original, at best it will a limited edition optional extra for those who are interested. But you never know, when you see other comparison cards, you might actually change your mind ????
On a personal note, I love the Tarot community. Everyone is so nice and takes the time to actually write back to you. I will be getting the Gilded Tarot Royale - just to see if I change my mind. You never know. ;)
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  1. Ha ha.. you are right. The similarity is def. there!!
    I can see why you really like these cards Amethyst! They are rich in colours,, depth and powerful imagery!

    Would love to hear more about the meanings in them~

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

  2. Haha that's brilliant, I can definitely see what you mean!

  3. Interesting observation by the author--everhyone sees what they seek--something familiar or otherwise.

  4. Thanks, everyone. :)

    Elissa, I will definitely be getting more into the meanings again. I just wanted to mix things up a little. :)