Monday, July 4, 2011

The Lighter Side of Tarot

Tarot isn't all about being serious or meeting a woman in a dark room with a crystal ball. It's about learning, and living - and FUN! In some places cards aren't even used for divination; it's actually a card game. And, of course, where do you think our modern decks of playing cards come from? Four suits of cards 1-10 plus Court Cards and Aces. Sounds like the Minor Arcana to me!

But just to prove Tarot isn't all seriousness, I thought I'd post some pictures from some of the more light-hearted decks I've seen. I actually own a couple of these.

Ah, the legendary Hello Kitty deck. Now out of print (due to copyright violations). One of these days I will find this deck, and then I will be able to die happy. Incidentally, if anyone comes across this deck and would like to donate it, please contact me!

This is the Ace of Wands from Tarot of the White Cats. These cards are, for lack of a better word, CUTE. :) I was never a big cat fan (ok, except for Hello Kitty) until about two years ago when my husband and I rescued two of the most loving and amazing kittens ever. One has since passed away, and we have adopted another. If you like cats, especially white ones, this is definitely a deck that will amuse you.

This is the Star card from the Tarot of the Magical Forest. I purchased this deck for the artwork, but it quickly became one of my most treasured reading decks. For some reason these cards really connect with me. When I have a really important question and I don't want to be possibly distracted by the features of characters depicted on the cards (hair color, gender, general appearance), I go to this deck. There are none of the distractions to be found with decks depicting humans. Okay, once I asked a question about my work and the card representing my boss had a pig on it, but I don't think that's what the deck was REALLY trying to say. :)

Tarot of the Gnomes - what can I say? Except that I really want this deck as well. I don't think it will be a reading deck, but I could be pleasantly surprised (again). Images such as VII - the Chariot make me think that this deck could actually be more than artwork. It remains true to the Rider-Waite-Smith images I am used to, but gives them a twist that is just enough to throw me out of my comfort zone, without going overboard. Plus, who doesn't love to see a gnome riding in a chariot drawn by bunnies? The deck is full of slightly off-the-wall images that are good for a chuckle.

Finally, we come to the issue of Fairies. Or faeries. Or faes. Or, well, there's about a million ways to say it, and about that many decks as well. The card above is from The Faery Tarot. I enjoy the images on this deck. Make no mistake, though, when you choose to let fairies into your home, you could be in for a lot of mischief. This happened when I bought the "Mystic Faerie Tarot." These cards are relegated to my garage now. Most people don't have too much trouble with them, and I believe the Faery Tarot deck may be something worth looking into. Maybe.

Hopefully some of these more light-hearted images have shown that Tarot doesn't have to be dark or scary. It is actually a lot of fun. There are many other decks to choose from, and some are even based on familiar nursery rhymes or stories that most of us grew up with. If you didn't catch it earlier, check out my post on How to Choose a Tarot Deck.

As always, Happy Readings!
And Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends.
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  1. Got a few, but bought them more for the art. My prize: Vertigo Tarot set from DC comics.

  2. Great post... I never know much about Tarot... but it caught my eye because a person that I know has a great interest in it. Thanks

  3. Interesting. I've had a couple of readings and I found them very helpful. This light-hearted look at Tarot was wonderful!

  4. Thanks, all. :)

    Candace, feel free to send your friend to the first page of my blog, and encourage them to ask questions. I try to make my page as user-friendly for new people as possible!

    I'm also very glad I finally figured out how to put in pictures. I changed the format, too. Let me know what you think! :)

  5. Ame, I love this post! I haven't seen any of these decks, but of course, I don't need another deck, lol. I love the white cats one. Your tale of faeries coming with your deck - I'd love to hear more about this.


  6. Hi Cher: I touched a little bit on the Faerie issue in an earlier post:
    in the 7th paragraph.

    Luckily, I eventually found my keys. And my hairbrush. And several other strange items that had no business wandering off. I only live with my husband and my pets, and none of them knew about the deck, so no one was playing a trick on me! Plus the odd places I eventually found things, well, let's just say it's not something I want to revisit any time soon. :O)

  7. Hi Ame

    My wife has the (Hello)Kitty deck and hand-coloured and laminated it! I have a large collection and whilst I *hate* this deck with a passion, my wife loves the fact that if there were to be a house-fire, I would *have* to save this deck first, as it is probably the most valuable. LOL.


  8. Love the lightheartedness of the Hello Kitty deck! I just recently had my first Tarot experience. My friend Autumn hosts Kitchen Table Priestess tarot happy hours. An easy, heart-opening intro to Tarot and the many expressions found in different decks. She's at -- you should connect!

  9. Marcus, just be glad you're not this guy:

    haha. :)