Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Code of Ethics in Tarot Readings

Tarot isn't just about pulling out some cards and telling someone what is going to happen. When you do a reading for another person, you enter into a relationship with him or her, even if it is only for a very short time. It can be a very intense experience, and certain boundaries must be drawn. Also, the reader isn't there to tell the Querent what to do or to make decisions for him or her (much to the chagrin of some clients!). The reader is there to help the client navigate their way through a decision-making process or just to provide the information and step back completely. For that reason, there has to be a lot of care when dealing with others, especially when the cards point out possibly dangerous situations and bad news.

I like the American Board for Tarot Certification's code of ethics for Tarot readers.

A Tarot reading is meant to be a positive, supportive experience.
Code of Ethics:
- A Tarot reading is meant to be a positive, supportive experience.
- A Tarot reading looks at the energies that are currently surrounding the client
- All clients shall receive total confidentiality.
- The client will be advised to seek advice from professionals on financial,The client will be encouraged to make their own decisions.
- The client’s religious beliefs and spiritual path are to be respected.
- The intention of the Tarot reading is that it be for the highest good of the reader. The client will receive the reader's full attention and will be encouraged to participate in the process.
- The reader shall not coerce the client into making any additional purchases.
- The reader has the right to choose not to read for any prospective client if he or she does is not comfortable doing so.
- This Code of Ethics represents the minimum standards that the AmericanThe ABTC reserves the right to take appropriate action, including revocation
- The Code of Ethics is subject to review and update on a periodic basis by the
   ABTC Board of Directors.

I've looked around the American Tarot Association's website several times, and I just can't seem to find their ethics page. I know they must have some guidelines, but I guess it's in the course material that they charge for because I can't seem to find it anywhere else.

At any rate, the lesson for today is: be careful in dealing with others when you read the cards. I like to just assume that HIPAA laws apply. That will keep you out of a lot of trouble. Have fun, and happy readings!

I am currently working on contacting some people about using their cards on this site. Cards are usually copyrighted, and although many show up on the internet, it is unfair to use them without the author's permission. I am looking into the legal issues of this, but I would rather have the author's permission to show spreads using their cards on my blog.
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  1. Ciro Marchetti has given me permission to post pictures of my spreads using his cards on here. So as soon as I figure out how to get them uploaded, I will be using the Gilded Tarot and Tarot of the Divine Legacy spreads here.

    His cards are amazing. You can visit his site at