Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celtic Cross for A

Using the Gilded Tarot, I did a Celtic Cross Spread:

My first impression is that you are having some trouble with your current role and figuring out what your role should be. Are you a stay-at-home mom? Or do you have a job but it isn't what you want? I really get the impression that somehow a child or children is your main concern right now. Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant or are there already kids? These are the questions I would ask if we were face-to-face. :) I also have a sense that you are married or with someone and maybe he is more traditional and while you thought you wanted that role now perhaps you are somewhat rebelling against it, at least on the inside?

Let's see what the cards say:

1. you - 2 of Cups - your relationship with someone take precedence, even over yourself and your own needs

2. what crosses you - the Page of Swords, Reversed - a strange twist or unpredictable event, perhaps a child who born with an illness or mental or physical health issues? Did you husband or another family member get sick and this is taking up much of your mental power right now?

3. your subconscious - III The Empress - You have in you a very strong, powerful woman, but maybe you are afraid to let her out, instead letting others take the lead.

4. what is conscious - 5 of Cups, Reversed - There has been a lot of pain in your life, a loss of some kind. It may not be a death, but something is not as you would have liked it to be. However, your energy is returning and you are determined to move forward by sheer strength of will (this is also drawing on the strength of the Empress)

5 your past - VII The Chariot, Reversed - okay, now I'm really getting curious. What is going on? Something happened that you felt you had no control over, that left you feeling completely powerless (also could have driven the Empress further into your subconscious). You may have blamed yourself.

6 the future - XII The Hanged Man, Reversed - the Hanged Man is saying that it is okay to let go, that it was not your fault, and that you can quit blaming yourself. The Hanged Man wants you to move forward with your life, but you may not be ready for this yet. He reminds you to "let go and let God" when you are able. There is no room for blame and guilt when he is here. You have made your choices, but you can make the best of them and still be satisfied and happy.

7 you - 2 of Pentacles, Reversed - You are juggling too many things right now. It may be time to let something go, focus on one thing, or one day, at a time.

8 environment - King of Cups - there is someone there to love you and support you (your husband, perhaps?) He is saying, "Come, lean on me." Don't be too stubborn and try to do it all on your own. You are lucky to have someone who loves you so much. Perhaps his love will help you forgive yourself? He does not blame you for anything in the past and only wants the best for the both of you. The King of Cups is very compassionate and understanding. Are you hiding something for the past that your are afraid he will think ill of you for? If so, you need to forgive yourself - it is affecting your ability to be close with him. (You don't necessarily need to tell him anything.)

9 Hopes and Fears - 8 of Cups - Your Hope is to get past your worries and fears of the past, and be ready to move on. However, you still feel like there are some loose ends or things in the past are in disarray.

10. the Outcome - 6 of Pentacles, Reversed - This card could indicate not having as much financial freedom as you would wish. Perhaps if you are returning to work, you find yourself spending more on day care, clothes, etc, or if you stay at home, you don't have as much income as you would like (whether or not you have children). An ongoing or old bill from a medical issue or illness or something from the past may continue to tax your finances for some time. However , you will eventually find a way through this. A state of harmony and happiness can be achieved; however, you may have to find creative ways to do it. Watch your finances as best you can. If you are not currently having financial issues, save as much as you can for a rainy day. Beware of feeling isolated. Find creative ways to spend time with friends and family. If you have recently become a parent, find a "Mommy and Me" group or something. Stay involved with others. Continue to pursue interactions with adults. Your Empress may be feeling somewhat stifled. Find a creative outlet for her - whether writing, reading, painting, or whatever. Do something to feed your spirit.
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  1. Here are the comments I received from the Querent on this reading:

    Wow, that's amazing! Okay, here is why you hit the nail on the head:

    We finished our first round of in vitro fertilization and I miscarried. I felt guilty for a lot of reasons. We just tried our second cycle. I am a teacher, and if this one takes I don't know whether I should take off for maternity leave or not. I LOVE teaching, but I have been offered a job as a principal. I hate the beurocracy, but I could make so much more money! And right now, because of the in vitro, we are BROKE! I also want to stay home and raise my children, so I don't know what to do.

    You are right - my husband is very supportive of me, and I need to lean on him more.

    Needless to say, you were pretty right on!!! Feel free to use this in a testimonial or as a reference. I am impressed, and grateful to you for the reading.

  2. I would just like to say thanks to Angie, and I wish her luck. I didn't say it during the reading because there was a lot of pain and loss around child issues, but The Empress is a card that can actually represent pregnancy, so I'm sure things are going really well for her.

    In a few months when she is further along it would be helpful to do a Choice Spread to look at some of those issues between staying at home, remaining in a teaching position, or taking a job as a principal.